Please contact Hotline 093.538.6226 for detailed advice, support and guidance.

After receiving feedback, our machine operator will go to the machine's location to verify the problem and refund the customer.

The machine accepts cash payments with par value from VND 1,000 to VND 100,000, specific steps are instructed fully on the machine body.

In addition, the machine also supports payment through MOCA e-wallet to increase convenience for consumers

Cafe take away means take away coffee, for busy people who do not have time to relax at the restaurant.

In foreign countries, the first place where this form of take away coffee appeared, the store only serves coffee, take-away drinks, not tables and chairs for guests on the spot.

One of the trends pursued by many people in the business sector is the automation of the stages. That is also the reason why vending machines have developed in recent times. One of many brands in different segments, the Skyline VMac vending machine is currently chosen by many people. So what does this product sell? Let's find out details in the article below.

Sản phẩm máy pha cà phê Skyline VMac